The Full Story

Waste Water Heat Recovery

  • My business will help people who shower, reduce their energy bill, by recovering heat energy from the shower waste water.

  • I wanted to use the skills I had learnt, in over 40 years of engineering, to put something into production from an idea of my own, with my own work.

  • I wanted to design something that was useful, would last many years before needing repair, and then be fixable.

I value the company, today, at £28,800. This is the rate of pay I used to recieve for 6 months design work at Caterpillar, Perkins and BAE weapon systems and I have over 6 months design work in this project.

49% of this would be £14,112.

I would then require the invetor to finance the patents, somewhere in the region of £10,000 and rent a workshop for me where  could build the prototype.

I would guess that a prototype could be built for less than £1000.

I would need wages to pay for my rent and bills and would work for £20 per hour.

I would estimate that a prototype could be built within 1 month.

Over 20 years ago I had an instant electric shower for a few years. I found that the shower was fine in the summer, but in the winter the water flow reduced to a point where I was uncomfortable with the dribble of water coming out of the shower. Being a design engineer this problem sat with me over the years.

​About 18 months ago I was looking to create a design of my own for sale.

I wanted something to be good for the environment, good for the customer, with a multi-million market.

I came across Waste Water Heat Recovery for showers and I set myself the goal of designing my own heat recovery system.