Working exclusively with Ptc CAD since 1997: from Pro Engineer 17, 18, 19,  2000 and 2000i²( The best cut), Wildfire 2/4 and Creo 2.

Ptc trained in modelling, assembly, detailing and CNC machining in 1997.

CAD modelling design experience includes:

5,000 hours Jigs & Fixtures.

4,000 hours Special Purpose Machines.

1,500 hours Sand Castings.

1,000 hours Forgings. – Internal combustion engine connecting rods.

1,000 hours High Pressure Die Casting. - Oil and coolant pump

5,000 hours General Machining.

500 hours Sheet Metal.

1,000 hours '3D' scan to '3D model' signed off by, engineering, production, manufacturing, accounts, directors and maintenance, for orders placed.

1,000 hours Tolerance Analysis.

Total of over 20,000 hours at a CAD station creating, fixing and modifying CAD models, to production\manufacturing\accounts\director sign off.


Drafting experience includes:

6,000 hours CAD drafting GD&T to ASME Y14.5. including material selection, surface finish, limits & fits, weld specification, and tolerance specification via experience or tolerance analysis.


Shop floor manufacturing experience includes:

8,000 hours Mechanical Fitting. – including building ship engines, rebuilding car and bike engines, maintaining ships and maintaining production lines.

8,000 hours General Machining: lathe, mill and grinders.

2,000 hours Toolmaking: production line tooling, press, cut and machines.

2,000 hours Model Making. Inkjet head bits and tooling for welding and drilling.

2,000 hours Instrument Making. Electron diffractometer component parts and assembling the machine.

4,000 hours Production Maintenance. High speed chip placement lines of Fuji’s.


I served a 4-year indentured apprenticeship, as a fitter and turner, at Doxford engines, a 100-year-old marine engine works, learning Victorian engineering practice.



I worked on the shop floor for over 15 years, as a fitter, fitter\welder, mechanic, turner, miller (manual and CNC), instrument maker, model maker, maintenance technician, and graduated as a toolmaker at Philips Radio Communication Systems in Cambridge.



HND in Mechanical Engineering from Sunderland Polytechnic.

HNC in Software Engineering from Anglia Polytechnic.

Post Graduate modules, mostly in the top 3 of the class: Manufacturing management, Computer aided engineering, Computer aided process planning, General management, Concurrent engineering, Knowledge based systems, Product data modelling, Computer programming (C) and Database design (SSADM) from Cranfield university for a masters degree in CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacture.)



Ptc trained in modelling, assembly, detailing and CNC machining.



Manufacturing machine tools, Jigs and Fixtures, Submarine, Diesel Engines, Truck Brakes, Industrial Gas Handling, Hybridization, Weapon systems, Vacuum Furnace and Laboratory Equipment.


David Crosby

Employment History


-Draftsman: 3D models, 2D drawings. BAE Land Systems.

Working on M777 India contract using Creo 2. Working with large assemblies, design and drafting.

Participating in design reviews, modifying prototypes for production. I designed a brake board training table to show the braking system of the M777 to trainees. I liaised with Goodridge for the brake system piping manufacture and assembly.

-Draftsman: 3D models, 2D drawings. Perkins Engines/Caterpillar.

Working on a clean-sheet design of a diesel engine with a multi-million-dollar budget.

Working on high pressure injection moulded castings for diesel engine oil and coolant pump housing and galleries. Integrated oil and coolant pump transfer passages in collaboration with the block/production and OEM supplier engineers. The CFD predicted oil and coolant flows within specifications.

Designed oil and coolant housing module complete with bolting pattern in collaboration with block/FEAD/ alternator/fan housing/production and OEM supplier engineers. The FEA predicted deflection under load was within the specifications of the gasket supplier.

Created tolerance analysis report to prove correct clearance for individual components, manufactured to drawing tolerance.

The module was signed off as conforming to specification and an order was placed for assemblies.

-Draftsman: 3D models, 2D drawings. Aish Technologies.

Working on Combat Management System electronic enclosures for deep ocean submarines Creating solid and sheet metal part models, assemblies and drawings.

Working with large assemblies, simplified reps and table driven parts and assemblies. Updating MRP database with parts produced.

-Draftsman: 3D models, 2D drawings. Caterpillar Re-manufacture

Working on the Engineering Change of engine and gearbox components. Creo 2 Solid/Surf/Drafting. Modifying and creating CAD models, assemblies and workshop drawings in line with change requests, in collaboration with suppliers, production, inspection, finance and engineering.

Creating and updating documentation to record Engineering Change process.

-Draftsman, 3D models, 2D drawings. Meritor Heavy Vehicle Breaking Systems

Working on heavy vehicle air brake. Creo 2 surfacing/draughting, Ptc Simulate FEA.

Clean sheet design of cast housing for new radial air brake. Reduced weight by over 20%.

Created 60 model iterations of the housing and performed FEA on each.

Worked checked and approved by ANSYS FEA stress engineer to project targets.

Produced approved casting Master CAD Model of housing, in collaboration with the external oriental foundry. Produced approved Workshop Drawings for holding, aligning, machining and assembling the casting in collaboration with external oriental supplier and internal production engineering.

Produced Master Cad Model and drawing pack from laser scanned model and workshop drawing, to re­manufacture legacy part.

-Draftsman, 3D models, 2D drawings. Cummins Engines.

Worked on medium sized diesel and gas engines with Wildfire 2 solid/surfacing/draughting.

Created Master Cad Models for conrods, crankshafts and engine components.

Created drawing packs using GD&T to ASME 14.5M for numerous engine components.

Worked with suppliers on tolerances and forging pickups for engine components. Produced tolerance stack-up reports on engine clearances.

Produced calculations on gear balance to ISO 1940-1 using forging tolerances.

Working on multi-hundred million dollar engine project for the next generation of Cummins high horsepower engines.

Designing solid and surface models for various engine components.

Nicknamed DVA Dave, for my clear, concise and descriptive, dimensional variation analysis reports on, crankshaft, conrod, liner and block interactions, for new and current engine range.

Re-nicknamed Rodman Dave for the conrods I designed and modelled, using ProE Wildfire 4, utilising surfacing and solid functions, for gas V, gas inline 6, gas single cylinder and diesel inline 6 engines.

Instigated and provide report and basic hand calculations, on gear unbalance to ISO 1940-1 on R&D engines.


-Design Engineer/Draughtsman Aixtron Ltd.

Responsible for the detail design and creation of drawing packs for: vacuum chamber, water cooling, hinge, lock, seal, gas diffusion shower head, heater assembly, gas manifolds and circuits, frame, hood and panels.

Component and material specification plus procurement.

Manufacturing support.

-Design Engineer/Draughtsman Perkins Engines Co. Ltd.

P.O Box 19, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. PE1 5NA .

Created models and assemblies of exhaust components and liased with exhaust manufacturer engineer to design for manufacture.

Created models, assemblies and drawings of exhaust packages.

-Design Engineer/Draughtsman  Cambridge Fluid Systems

From a universal schematic gas circuit diagram for a range of £90,000 gas mixing cabinets I created models, assemblies and BOM tables for any cabinet configuration.

From assembly I created manifolds to connect all panels and components.

First gas cabinet completed in 25% less time than previous arrangements.

Manufacturing support.

-Design Engineer/Draughtsman Leyland Product Developments Ltd.

Modified knuckle for stretched Chrysler Hummer limousine to increase strength.

Modified track rod, idler arm and other steering parts to reduce turning circle.

Provided IGES models and drawings for castings, forging and general machining.

Designed ironwork for attaching LPG tanks to Mercedes Axtron tractor unit.

Designed ironwork for attaching CPU and sensors for LPG conversion.

Manufacturing support.

-Detail Design Engineer, NES Ltd.

Detail design of lifting beam for remote use in power station. Produced General Assembly, Bill of Materials, Drawing pack and detailed instructions for its manufacture.

Produced General Assembly, Bill of Materials and drawing pack for lifting and handling devises for Rolls-Royce Marine.

-Draughtsman/Modeller, Perry Slingsby Systems Ltd.

Worked from IGES model produced by Stress Engineer to create detail design of sealing hatch covers for multi-million pound, LR7 Submarine Rescue Submersible.

Created 3D CAD models, assemblies and drawing packs including: Hatch covers and sealing details, Hatch handling weldments and details, Water valve pack, Manifolds and Ballast tanks.

-Draughtsman, Data Systems & Solutions.

Created and modified drawings and produced drawing pack for a £1.2million glove box using AutoCAD.

Modified mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and schematic AutoCAD part and assembly drawings for £1 million fire alarm system using AutoCAD.

-Design Engineer, Genomic Solutions Ltd

Designed prototype instrument for the automatic hybridisation of DNA.

Provided engineering support for company’s legacy products.

Designed universal slide carrier to integrate process across machines.

-R&D Technician – Videojet Systems International Ltd. –

Designed laser print head.

Designed tooling for laser weld and EDM drilling processes.

Developed EDM drilling processes.

Introduced data logging to EDM drilling process.

Integrated Pro/Engineer CAD software with a CNC milling machine via Pro/Manufacture CAM software.

-Cotag International Ltd – Toolmaker

Designed and made all mechanical parts for a custom PLC controlled, access card testing/programming machine.

Designed and built a custom PLC controlled, access card testing/programming machine.

Designed parts, and manufactured all the tooling for the test-engineering department.

-Production Process Technician - Philips Radio Communication Systems Ltd. –

Started as toolmaker making jigs, fixtures and special purpose tooling for manufacture of radio devices.

Responsible for maintenance, fault-find, and repair of £4million worth of automatic PCB assembly lines.

-Crystal Structures Ltd: Instrument maker –

making and assembling electron beam difractometer.

-G&K Precision Engineering: Fitter/Machinist

making moulds, press tools, jigs and fixtures.

-Crystal Structures Ltd: Instrument maker

manufacturing electron beam difractometer.

-Autocraft. Brooklands. – General Machinist.

Autocraft built AC Cobra motorcars, by hand, to original 1960’s plans.

I machined castings and turned various components for the car. I also machined the ends of the chassis tubes to various angles to allow for close welds.

-Glendening Tools: Fitter/Machinist

Creating parts using bench tools, mills, lathes, drills and grinders.

Here I learnt some finer points in turning. I also taught myself to use a surface grinder and universal milling machine. I used these machines to produce metalwork from drawings, sold at profit by my employer, a ‘jobbing’ machine shop.

Made aircraft window seal mould from stock metal, using universal mill, sticky pin and rotary table.

-Columbia Ribbons. Maintenance Fitter.

Here I learnt factory maintenance. I serviced compressors, industrial water boilers and custom typewriter ribbon production and inking lines.

I maintained and repaired custom production machinery used in making type righter ink ribbons.

-Pullen Pumps: Fitter installing commissioning and repairing industrial water pumps.

Pullen Pumps. Croydon, Surrey. – Maintenance Technician.

Here I learnt about industrial water and sewage pumps. I rebuilt and refurbished the mechanical side and was also taught to build and fault find their electrical control panels. I worked on 3-Phase electricity supplies on customer’s sites, commissioning, faultfinding, and repairing pump sets.

-Bosh UK: Fitter

Installing commissioning and repairing industrial vacuum pumps.

-English Greenhouses: Fitter

Erecting industrial aluminium conservatories.

Here I hand cut and assembled aluminium/glass, structural extensions; the largest being approximately 14 metres square and approx 14 metres high. Here I employed and trained a fitters mate.

-Greystone Plant: Fitter

Maintaining and repairing construction plant equipment.

Here I learnt how to fix small, portable tools, powered by lawnmower-sized diesel engines.

Here I rebuilt vibrating roller engine that “everyone had tried” (and failed) to fix. The engine started first time after lying for 1 year. The vibrating roller was put back into the hire fleet.


-Vogans Lt: Pipe fitter/welder.

Here I was taught how to weld metal pipe from size: 3mm wall thickness, 75mm to 150mm diameter, from a German with over 15 years pipe fitting/welding experience.

-Doxford Engine Works: Fitter/Turner.

Here I was taught to make every mechanical component required to construct a marine diesel engine, from stock metal or castings. Here I learnt about craftsmanship, and pride in ones workmanship, and product. Here I also learnt about procedures, following orders, and ownership of ones work. Employees of Lloyds of London inspected all our work for insurance purposes; Ships engines can’t break down in use.

Software Skills


  • Ptc Creo                Advanced 3D modelling and drafting

  • AutoCAD 2D         Intermediate / Advanced

  • Office Suite           Intermediate / Advanced


Professional Training and Qualifications


  • 1992-93                 Anglia Polytechnic: HNC in Software Engineering

  • 1985-87                 Sunderland Polytechnic: HND in Mechanical Engineering

  • 1976-80                 Doxford Engine Works: Indentured apprenticeship as Fitter and Turner

  • 1973-76                 Southmoor school: O-Levels in: Maths, Tech Drawing, English Language & Literature.         


Hobbies                       Salsa dancing, Walking, 19th Century clipper ship design history.